I'm Emily and I'm an 18 year old from NJ, attending RPI. I'm logical with a bit of creativity. I'm passionate about music (pop/punk and alternative). I love to ski. I love my friends and my boyfriend. And I always have fun. I love getting into trouble and doing crazy things. I really love the freedom college comes with and sleeping all night with kyle :)

I love how my sister gets a brand new

bikini from victoria’s secret and I get absolutely nothing.

Her boobs got too big this year to fit into her old bikini tops,

so my mom thinks it’s a great idea to buy her one from victoria’s secret.


Her boobs will be popping out even more.

And I asked if I could have one cuz I originally asked for a VC bikini,

and my mom said no.

She always buys Sam clothes and gets me nothing :/

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